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Donny Dojo’s Tip Of The Day: Throat Strike

joeys tip

He’s the #1 ass-kicker in American, and he’s about to teach you how not to be a pussy, it’s Joey “Donny Dojo” Scheroeda!

Today’s Tip: Throat Strike. Why punch a face when you can punch a fleshy throat?



Four Fathers (2008)


When John Hancock absconds with The Declaration of Independence to an alternate 2013, it’s up to four founding fathers to recover the document and preserve America’s true timeline.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and William Henry Harrison star in the presidental shoot ’em up Time Magazine raves:

“has more explosions and foul language than any film presenting itself as historically accurate should probably have.”

Celebrate Memorial Day the old fashioned way; with shotguns and time machines.

Four Fathers

48 mins

Star: George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
William Henry Harrison
Benjamin Franklin
John Hancock

Dir. John Triplebeam
Pro. Hubert Humphrey
Mus. Crispus Attucks

Attack Of The Attackateers (1953)

Attack of the Attackateers

This sci-fi sleeper from the heyday of death-rays garnered the coveted Slathington Award for it’s story, penned by the then unknown (and male) writer Bisben Rainn.

However, the infamous and horrific chemical explosion at the old Unimental Studios building in 1961 took the master negatives and existing prints with it.

All that remains is a few lobby cards, a 1-sheet poster, this radio advert and the fond memories of a summer when everyone and everything was under attack.

Attack Of The Attackateers

149 mins

Starring: Huck Manly
Joanndra Groping
Curt Donglis

Dir. Frank S. Roebuck
Stor. Bisben Rainn
FX: Ray Harryhausen

Revendettagengeance (1989)


It’s been over 10 years since John Vengo’s wife and children were murdered by a man later murdered by someone else. Following the murder of their murderer’s murderer, John once again felt the pain of vengeance unfulfilled.

Now, waging all-out-war against an entire city, John is raining hell down upon anyone even slightly involved with any of the 3 murders in a desperate effort to get…


Rated: PG

Starring: Faygo Bronski, Royce Brocker, Molonica Cross and Sir Antonothy Miller.

Writ. Leo Tolstoy
Prod. Slumps Mugsly
Dir. Theoderic Waldor

Revengence (1987)

Revengeance 72

One man’s quest for revenge is cut short when his wife’s killer is murdered by someone else. Now disenchanted, he vows revenge against the murderer’s murderer in an effort to satiate his vengeful thirst.


Rated R

Starring: Faygo Bronksi, Maladalin Dalivavich, Royce Brocker, John Cohagen, Dewalt Whiteman

Dir. Theoderic Waldor
Writ. Chief Justice
Mus. Tuft Bogman

Byclops (1973)


It had two eyes in the middle of its face.

Was it a freak of nature, or some mad experiment gone completely awry?

See the terrible creature too cruel for this world!


not yet rated R
149 mins

starring: Brussel Suede, Marlissa Swedding, Chance Stone

dir. Buzz Munger
writ. Dingo Slangs
mus. Thumby Shucks
prod. Bisk Wellington & Buntin Squaw

Ep: 4: A Special Emergency Christmas Holiday Event Broadcast

Ep 4  Cover 2

This special emergency Christmas holiday event broadcast of Realive Radio was presented commercial free! Fortunately, it arrives before you now commercial full. So sit back by the fire with some eggnog and a candy cane and bask in it’s unrelenting consumerism.

This yuletide episode of Realive includes:

  • Crestwood and The Naked Tunkuti Christmas
  • Four Fathers
  • Banannaise Spray
  • Donny Dojo’s Satisfied Customers
  • Byclops 2: The Return of Dr. Optomitrus
  • Fantastic Fistables
  • Sal Luccatato’s Removal and Restorations
  • Donny Dojos Tip: Slap
  • My Bigfoot Family
  • Useless Shit
  • Tug Benson for The Money Store
  • The Santy Christ

(org. air date 12/22/10)

Ep. 3-D!: Radio Never Looked So Real

It’s your radio, and it’s under attack…in 3-D! Strap on your specially designed 3-D glasses and join Duke Dundreary, G-Spot, LD and the rest of Team Real for this groundbreaking audio viewing experience!

Featuring such multidimensional bits like:

  • Fantastic Family Zone
  • Banaonasa
  • Crestwood and The Brazilian Galigator
  • Tug Benson’s NCAAWBC
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Slumber Punch
  • Crestwood and The Ayahusca Vine Punch
  • Reality Shark Tank
  • Attack of the Attackateers
  • Hating the Young with Walter Abernathy


  • An Unexpected Call From Crestwood!


(org. airdate 05/30/10)

Ep. 2: It’s Totally Not At All A Halloween Show

Ep. 2 Cover

Back and marginally better than it was before it left. It’s Halloween here on Realive Radio. Wait a minute, no it’s not.

This Halloween Episode of Realive features such non-Halloweeny bits as:

  • Revengeance
  • Crestwood and The Sea Court of Prince Adubu
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Dog Tackle
  • Cock Log
  • Vagina Coat
  • Talkin’ About Banannaise
  • Up in The Ashram with Tradaine Jenkins
  • Donny Dojo’s Fear Bomb
  • Crestwood and The Seven Foot Spider of Belize
  • Revendettagengeance
  • Tug Benson’s Full Frontal MMA Action

(org. airdate 10/25/09)

Ep. 1: Realive Goes Real-Live

EP. 1 Cover

It’s Real. It’s Live. It’s Realive Radio and it’s possibly unlike anything you’ve probably never actually heard before,…maybe.

The debut episode of Realive Radio features:

  • Crestwood and The Indian Anternet
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Throat Strike
  • Banannaise
  • Slicken
  • Byclops
  • Taikwankido Worldwide
  • The Weather With Dracula
  • Tug Benson’s Tornto @ Cleveland
  • A Call From Lord Dundreary

(org. airdate: 09/12/09)