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Banannaise Square

Banannaise is one the most delicious things you’ve ever heard about.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you are right now.



Byclops (1973)


It had two eyes in the middle of its face.

Was it a freak of nature, or some mad experiment gone completely awry?

See the terrible creature too cruel for this world!


not yet rated R
149 mins

starring: Brussel Suede, Marlissa Swedding, Chance Stone

dir. Buzz Munger
writ. Dingo Slangs
mus. Thumby Shucks
prod. Bisk Wellington & Buntin Squaw

Ep. 1: Realive Goes Real-Live

EP. 1 Cover

It’s Real. It’s Live. It’s Realive Radio and it’s possibly unlike anything you’ve probably never actually heard before,…maybe.

The debut episode of Realive Radio features:

  • Crestwood and The Indian Anternet
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Throat Strike
  • Banannaise
  • Slicken
  • Byclops
  • Taikwankido Worldwide
  • The Weather With Dracula
  • Tug Benson’s Tornto @ Cleveland
  • A Call From Lord Dundreary

(org. airdate: 09/12/09)