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Donny Dojo’s Tip Of The Day: Throat Strike

joeys tip

He’s the #1 ass-kicker in American, and he’s about to teach you how not to be a pussy, it’s Joey “Donny Dojo” Scheroeda!

Today’s Tip: Throat Strike. Why punch a face when you can punch a fleshy throat?


Byclops (1973)


It had two eyes in the middle of its face.

Was it a freak of nature, or some mad experiment gone completely awry?

See the terrible creature too cruel for this world!


not yet rated R
149 mins

starring: Brussel Suede, Marlissa Swedding, Chance Stone

dir. Buzz Munger
writ. Dingo Slangs
mus. Thumby Shucks
prod. Bisk Wellington & Buntin Squaw

Ep. 1: Realive Goes Real-Live

EP. 1 Cover

It’s Real. It’s Live. It’s Realive Radio and it’s possibly unlike anything you’ve probably never actually heard before,…maybe.

The debut episode of Realive Radio features:

  • Crestwood and The Indian Anternet
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Throat Strike
  • Banannaise
  • Slicken
  • Byclops
  • Taikwankido Worldwide
  • The Weather With Dracula
  • Tug Benson’s Tornto @ Cleveland
  • A Call From Lord Dundreary

(org. airdate: 09/12/09)