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Fear Bomb


It’s the #1 asskicker in America with his #1 Bestseller, FEAR BOMB. The book critics and people are praising alike:

Walter Shandly of the New York Post says:

“I literally shit myself just reading about what I could be doing to the structural integrity of another human being”

Kip Chiston of The Washington Herald says:

“Reading is for pussies. So, it’s great that this is a book. It will make them stop being pussies. Which is fine, because this is the last book they’ll ever need to read.”

Irwood Spectrish of Revenge Digest says:

“If I had hands, like I did before the war, I’d be using them to open this book. And then I’d use them to destroy the bastards that took my hands. But since I have hands in this scenario, what would be the fucking point?”

Yes. Tap into your inner badass and release your own personal FEAR BOMB!



Revendettagengeance (1989)


It’s been over 10 years since John Vengo’s wife and children were murdered by a man later murdered by someone else. Following the murder of their murderer’s murderer, John once again felt the pain of vengeance unfulfilled.

Now, waging all-out-war against an entire city, John is raining hell down upon anyone even slightly involved with any of the 3 murders in a desperate effort to get…


Rated: PG

Starring: Faygo Bronski, Royce Brocker, Molonica Cross and Sir Antonothy Miller.

Writ. Leo Tolstoy
Prod. Slumps Mugsly
Dir. Theoderic Waldor

Revengence (1987)

Revengeance 72

One man’s quest for revenge is cut short when his wife’s killer is murdered by someone else. Now disenchanted, he vows revenge against the murderer’s murderer in an effort to satiate his vengeful thirst.


Rated R

Starring: Faygo Bronksi, Maladalin Dalivavich, Royce Brocker, John Cohagen, Dewalt Whiteman

Dir. Theoderic Waldor
Writ. Chief Justice
Mus. Tuft Bogman

Ep. 2: It’s Totally Not At All A Halloween Show

Ep. 2 Cover

Back and marginally better than it was before it left. It’s Halloween here on Realive Radio. Wait a minute, no it’s not.

This Halloween Episode of Realive features such non-Halloweeny bits as:

  • Revengeance
  • Crestwood and The Sea Court of Prince Adubu
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Dog Tackle
  • Cock Log
  • Vagina Coat
  • Talkin’ About Banannaise
  • Up in The Ashram with Tradaine Jenkins
  • Donny Dojo’s Fear Bomb
  • Crestwood and The Seven Foot Spider of Belize
  • Revendettagengeance
  • Tug Benson’s Full Frontal MMA Action

(org. airdate 10/25/09)