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Fear Bomb


It’s the #1 asskicker in America with his #1 Bestseller, FEAR BOMB. The book critics and people are praising alike:

Walter Shandly of the New York Post says:

“I literally shit myself just reading about what I could be doing to the structural integrity of another human being”

Kip Chiston of The Washington Herald says:

“Reading is for pussies. So, it’s great that this is a book. It will make them stop being pussies. Which is fine, because this is the last book they’ll ever need to read.”

Irwood Spectrish of Revenge Digest says:

“If I had hands, like I did before the war, I’d be using them to open this book. And then I’d use them to destroy the bastards that took my hands. But since I have hands in this scenario, what would be the fucking point?”

Yes. Tap into your inner badass and release your own personal FEAR BOMB!