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Attack Of The Attackateers (1953)

Attack of the Attackateers

This sci-fi sleeper from the heyday of death-rays garnered the coveted Slathington Award for it’s story, penned by the then unknown (and male) writer Bisben Rainn.

However, the infamous and horrific chemical explosion at the old Unimental Studios building in 1961 took the master negatives and existing prints with it.

All that remains is a few lobby cards, a 1-sheet poster, this radio advert and the fond memories of a summer when everyone and everything was under attack.

Attack Of The Attackateers

149 mins

Starring: Huck Manly
Joanndra Groping
Curt Donglis

Dir. Frank S. Roebuck
Stor. Bisben Rainn
FX: Ray Harryhausen

Ep. 3-D!: Radio Never Looked So Real

It’s your radio, and it’s under attack…in 3-D! Strap on your specially designed 3-D glasses and join Duke Dundreary, G-Spot, LD and the rest of Team Real for this groundbreaking audio viewing experience!

Featuring such multidimensional bits like:

  • Fantastic Family Zone
  • Banaonasa
  • Crestwood and The Brazilian Galigator
  • Tug Benson’s NCAAWBC
  • Donny Dojo’s Tip: Slumber Punch
  • Crestwood and The Ayahusca Vine Punch
  • Reality Shark Tank
  • Attack of the Attackateers
  • Hating the Young with Walter Abernathy


  • An Unexpected Call From Crestwood!


(org. airdate 05/30/10)