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Sal Luccatato’s Got The Solution For You


It’s true. I do. And that solution is get rid of the ghosts.

Hi, I’m Sal Luccatato and you may think that’s termites chewing on your baseboards, but it’s not. It’s a Wall Phantom, and that’s much more costlier in terms of damages and incidentally, removal.

It’s just like that noise in your chimney. You probably think that’s bees or maybe just a cat eating a dead squirrel, but it’s not. It’s a Chimney Spook. Or even worse, it’s a Roof Ghost that fell into your chimney and got stuck.He’s gonna rattle around in there, causing an increased build-up of bio-plasmoid residue which can fill your home with noxious ghost-fumes that could kill your children in their sleep.

Don’t let ’em do this. Call me.


Sal Luccatato’s Removal And Restorations


Ghosts. It’s a scary word, and an even more scarier problem for your home.

Hi, I’m Sal Luccatato, and this is a commercial for my company that will say things similar to this message that’s not this message but with the same underlying message about ghosts and how much they can fuck up your house.