Sal Luccatato’s Got The Solution For You


It’s true. I do. And that solution is get rid of the ghosts.

Hi, I’m Sal Luccatato and you may think that’s termites chewing on your baseboards, but it’s not. It’s a Wall Phantom, and that’s much more costlier in terms of damages and incidentally, removal.

It’s just like that noise in your chimney. You probably think that’s bees or maybe just a cat eating a dead squirrel, but it’s not. It’s a Chimney Spook. Or even worse, it’s a Roof Ghost that fell into your chimney and got stuck.He’s gonna rattle around in there, causing an increased build-up of bio-plasmoid residue which can fill your home with noxious ghost-fumes that could kill your children in their sleep.

Don’t let ’em do this. Call me.



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